The July Issue of Urban Studies is now available online

24th May 2019

Volume 56 Issue 9 (July 2019) is now available online

Articles include:

Victims of their own (definition of) success: Urban discourse and expert knowledge production in the Liveable City Debates paper by Jenny McArthur and Enora Robin

“Liveability discourse has exerted and maintained stronger discursive power to undermine urban livelihoods than to improve them, due to the phenomena and qualities that it conceals.”


What do we know about urban sustainability? A research synthesis and nonparametric assessment by William L Swann and Aaron Deslatte

What cumulative knowledge arises from research to date into urban sustainability? 


Revisiting environmental inequity in Southern California: Does environmental risk increase in ethnically homogeneous or mixed communities? by Yushim Kim, Yongwan Chun

Who bears the environmental risk in southern California? A nuanced analysis of environmental inequalities among ethnically homogeneous and mixed communities using California Environmental Protection Agency’s latest data and models.


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