The May Issue of Urban Studies is now available online

2nd Apr 2019

Volume 56 Issue 6 (May 2019) is now available online

Articles include:

The knowledge economy city: Gentrification, studentification and youthification, and their connections to universities by Markus Moos, Nick Revington, Tristan Wilkin and Jean Andrey

How do universities and colleges influence the social geography of cities? 


Neighbourhood change and neighbour complaints: How gentrification and densification influence the prevalence of problems between neighbours by Lynda Cheshire, Robin Fitzgerald and Yan Liu

How does urban change in the form of gentrification and/or densification impact the social order of affected neighbourhoods? 


Shrinking metropolitan area: Costly homeownership and slow spatial shrinkage by Masatomo Suzuki and Yasushi Asami

Theorising the effect of metropolitan-level population shrinkage on housing markets located on the urban fringe.


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