The May Special Issue of Urban Studies is now available online

23rd Apr 2019

Volume 56 Special Issue 7 (May 2019) is now available online

Special issue: Funding, financing and governing urban infrastructures 


Articles include:

Funding, financing and governing urban infrastructures introduction by Peter O’Brien, Phil O’Neill and Andy Pike

"This Special Issue aims to further understanding and explanation of the funding, financing and governing of urban infrastructure amidst its engagements with contemporary financialisation."


The geopolitics of South–South infrastructure development: Chinese-financed energy projects in the global South by Giles Mohan, May Tan-Mullins

How is China’s geoeconomic and geopolitical power projected via #infrastructure projects, through what territorial forms does this occur, and what role does elite agency in recipient states play in shaping the outcomes?


Advanced perspectives on financialised urban infrastructures commentary by Heather Whiteside

Whiteside traces three future research avenues on urban infrastructure financialisation: i) extend critical analyses of financialisation; ii) enhance research on social infrastructure and treatment of the global South; iii) advance analysis of alternatives.


Read the full table of contents here.


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