Mind the gaps!

Mind the gaps!


Written by:

Nicholas A Phelps and Cristian Silva 

First Published:

26 Oct 2017, 12:00 am

Mind the gaps!

Mind the gaps! A research agenda for urban interstices

A new paper by Nicholas A Phelps and Cristian Silva is now available online.



Processes of urbanisation can hardly be considered without reference to the spaces that lie between developments. However, the literature on such interstitial spaces is fragmentary. In this paper we draw together insights from the extant literature into a research agenda on urban interstices. We propose a research agenda centred on four themes: the multiple geographic scales at which the interstitial spaces of urban sprawl might be analysed; the pending nature of such spaces; their planned or unplanned character and their relational properties. We develop these themes, briefly illustrating them with reference to the case of metropolitan area of Santiago de Chile. In conclusion, we emphasise some of the implications of interstitial spaces for theories of urban politics and their value in forcing inter-disciplinarity in urban studies.


You can access and read the full article here.