New articles available on Urban Studies

New articles available on Urban Studies


First Published:

04 May 2018, 12:00 am

New articles available on Urban Studies

Minor stadiums, major effects? Patterns and sources of redevelopment surrounding minor league baseball stadiums by Eric Joseph van Holm

Evaluating the effect of minor league baseball stadiums on immediately surrounding census tracts after one decade.


Diversity, economic development and new migrant entrepreneurs by Trevor Jones, Monder Ram and Maria Villares-Varela

How do migrant entrepreneurs contribute to economic development?


Comparing passenger flow and time schedule data to analyse High-Speed Railways and urban networks in China by Haoran Yang, Martin Dijst, Patrick Witte, Hans van Ginkel and Jiao’e Wang

Understanding the external functional relationships of urban networks using different flow approaches.


‘At least it’s not a ghetto anymore’: Experiencing gentrification and ‘false choice urbanism’ in Rotterdam’s Afrikaanderwijk by Brian Doucet and Daphne Koenders

How do working-class residents who live through the process of gentrification view the impact it has on their neighbourhood?