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19 Aug 2019, 9:38 a.m.

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City size and housing purchase intention: Evidence from rural–urban migrants in China by Yanjiao Song and Chuanyong Zhang

Song and Zhang shed new light on the adoption of diversified housing policies to solve the housing problems of rural-urban migrants in China by considering city size.


Gentrification, transnational gentrification and touristification in Seville, Spain by Jaime Jover and Ibán Díaz-Parra

This article is part of the forthcoming Special Issue: Transnational gentrification

"Gentrification is a complex process that must be analytically differentiated from tourism strategies and their effects."


Infrastructure imaginaries: The politics of light rail projects in the age of neoliberalism by Kristian Olesen

The case of light rail in Aalborg, Denmark: new politics of urban infrastructure. Is politics undermining the traditionally strong social dimensions of public transport? 

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On hostile design: Theoretical and empirical prospects Critical Commentary by Robert Rosenberger

How do instances of hostile design at times work in accord with larger hostile agendas targeting particular populations enacted through laws, regulations, and extensive patterns of design? 


Insurgent planner: Transgressing the technocratic state of postcolonial Jakarta by Prathiwi Widyatmi Putri

Seeking alternatives to democratic neoliberal development regimes in urban planning through insurgency.

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Assembling street vending by Mojgan Taheri Tafti

New article examines how embedded relationships have been shaping geographically uneven and spatially differentiated forms, intensity and distribution of street vending in Tehran 




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