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29 Jul 2019, 11:19 a.m.

New issue out now

The September issue (Volume 56, Issue 12) of Urban Studies Journal is now available on OnlineFirst.

Articles include:

‘Does Africa not deserve shiny new cities?’ The power of seductive rhetoric around new cities in Africa by Laurence Côté-Roy and Sarah Moser

The 'Africa rising' discourse provides a common narrative facilitating the circulation and supporting the adoption of the new city model in Africa.


Legal geographies of neoliberalism: Market-oriented tenure reforms and the construction of an ‘informal’ urban class in post-socialist Phnom Penh by Benjamin Cyrus Roger Flower

In post-socialist Phnom Penh “market-oriented tenure reforms were exclusionary by design, and directly resulted in an ‘informal’ tenure system that legally rendered self-built dwellings in a constant state of provisionality”.


Functional responsibilities of municipal government: Metropolitan disparities and instruments of intergovernmental management by Agustín León-Moreta

What shapes differences in the functional responsibilities of municipalities? 


Read the full table of contents here.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

The world-class city comes by tramway: Reframing Casablanca’s urban peripheries through public transport by Raffael Beier

The symbolics of the tramway in Casablanca: the driver of a new distinction between of the urban peripheries, or the flagship of urban renaissance policies leading displacement in working-class neighbourhoods? 


Book reviews now available on Urban Blog

Skateboarding and the City book cover

Book review: Skateboarding and the City: A Complete History‚Äč

by Iain Borden and reviewed by Jack Layton

Skateboarding and the city: A complete history is not only an encyclopaedic book on skateboarding, it’s a book
about the urban environments in which skateboarding takes place.



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