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30 Sep 2019, 10:26 a.m.

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Conceptualising ‘generative power’: Evidence from the city-regions of England by Mark Sandford

What is the degree to which influence, networking and leadership - or 'generative power' - can extend a sub-national body's 'capacity to govern'?


Belonging in working-class neighbourhoods: dis-identification, territorialisation and biographies of people and place by Jenny Preece

Exploring how people construct a sense of belonging in two post-industrial neighbourhoods in the 'ordinary' urban areas of Grimsby and Sheffield, UK.


School segregation in contemporary cities: Socio-spatial dynamics, institutional context and urban outcomes by Willem Boterman, Sako Musterd, Carolina Pacchi, Costanzo Ranci

This paper is the Introduction of the forthcoming Special Issue: School segregation in contemporary cities: Socio-spatial dynamics and urban outcomes.

Introducing this new Special Issue is an article proposing a comparative typology to illustrate how school segregation is peculiarly shaped according to institutional and spatial context.


Dreaming dialectically: The death and life of the Mexico City charter for the right to the city by Ben Gerlofs

What is the continuing value of the right to the city? Gerlofs examines its renewed relevance at the heart of the urban revolution in Mexico City.


Transfer-based decentralisation, economic growth and spatial inequality: Evidence from China’s 2002–2003 tax sharing reform by Fan Fan, Ming Li, Ran Tao and Dali Yang

Fan, Li, Tao and Yang find that the lower local tax share dis-incentivised local governments and led to lower growth.


Convivial encounters: Conditions for the urban social inclusion of people with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities by Femmianne Bredewold, Alke Haarsma, Evelien Tonkens and Marja Jager

Since deinstitutionalisation, urban policies are needed to create situations and places that are spatially and socially conducive for 'convivial encounters', especially for people with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities.


Book reviews now available on Urban Blog

Book review - Interplaces: An Economic Geography of the Inter-Urban and International Economies

by Nicholas A Phelps and reviewed by Simone Franzi

Interplaces: An Economic Geography of the Inter-Urban and international Economies calls our attention to the economic geography of the in-between, namely of the intervals and spaces that are between nations and between cities.



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