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1 Mar 2021, 12:58 p.m.

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The hack: What it is and why it matters to urban studies critical commentary by Sophia Maalsen

Latest Critical Commentary from Maalsen advances the 'hack' as an urban concept.


The interurban migration industry: ‘Migration products’ and the materialisation of urban speculation at Iskandar Malaysia by Sin Yee Koh

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Making cities through migration industries.

New special issue article from Sin Yee Koh highlights the need to analyse speculative urbanism and transnational investment/lifestyle migration as intertwined processes.


Drivers of convergence: The role of first- and second-nature geography by Theodoros Arvanitopoulos, Vassilis Monastiriotis, Theodore Panagiotidis

Arvanitopoulos et al examine the drivers of convergence, focusing specifically on the influence exerted by economic geography.


Understanding policing demand and deployment through the lens of the city and with the application of big data by Mark Ellison, Jon Bannister, Won Do Lee, Muhammad Salman Haleem

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Big data in the city

Ellison et al argue that policing demand and deployment hold varying and time-sensitive association with features of the urban environment in their new special issue study.


The role of social capital in the collective-led development of urbanising villages in China: The case of Shenzhen by De Tong, Yaying Wu, Ian MacLachlan, Jieming Zhu

De Tong et al analyse the growth processes of Huanggang village as a typical example of a collective-led self-organised urbanising village in Shenzen.


New reviews on Urban Blog

Agnostic Articulations in the 'Creative' City book cover

Book review: Agonistic Articulations in the ‘Creative’ City: On New Actors and Activism in Berlin’s Cultural Politics

Edited by Friederike Landau and reviewed by Mohamed Saleh

“This book is a pivotal resource to understand the value of creativity in politics, which might inspire cultural administrators and policymakers to consider conflict not as a problem but as a starting point for innovative governance and policy solutions.”

Read more book reviews on the Urban Studies blog.


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