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1 Aug 2022, 9:30 a.m.

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Consuming ‘authenticity’? Reinterpreting the ‘new middle class’ in China through the lens of retailing changes by Liu Cao

Research findings from Liu Cao's latest study propose the concept of Xiaozi consumption, highlighting the planetary indigeneity of gentrification in the Global South.


The long shadow of territorial stigma: Upward social mobility and the symbolic baggage of the old neighbourhood by Anthony Miro Born

New study by Anthony Miro Born sheds light on how former residents learn to relate to the symbolic baggage of having once lived in a 'notorious' German neighbourhood.


Creating hospitable urban spaces: A multicultural city for refugees and asylum seekers by Ravinder Sidhu, Donata Rossi-Sackey

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Migrant-led Diversification and Differential Inclusion in Arrival Cities across Asia

Ravinder Sidhu and Donata Rossi-Sackey draw on Derrida's (2005) work on hospitality, examining the micropolitics of hospitality towards forced migrants in an Australian city (Brisbane).


Bridging bureaucracy and activism: Challenges of activist state-work in the 1980s Greater London Council by Tim Joubert

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Municipalist strategy in crisis?

Tim Joubert explores the internal dynamics of state transformation in a context of municipal activism.


New reviews on Urban Blog

How Green Became Good book cover

Book review: How Green Became Good: Urbanized Nature and the Making of Cities and Citizens

reviewed by Taylor Harris Braswell

"What are the origins of urban greening? How did greening come to be understood as a social good? How does greening shape cities and experiences of cities? Drawing on archival and interview-based research to answer these questions, Angelo identifies both the historical conditions that made today’s greening practices possible and characteristics common to greening projects across time."

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