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2 Mar 2020, 10:12 a.m.

New issue out now

The April issue (Volume 57, Issue 5) of Urban Studies Journal is now available on OnlineFirst.

Articles include:

Neither friend nor enemy: Planning, ambivalence and the invalidation of urban informality in Zimbabwe by Amin Y Kamete

Drawing from research in urban Zimbabwe, Kamete recasts hostility to informality as a symptom of antagonism towards strangerhood and the ambivalence it embodies as it cannot be pigeonholed in either of the two categories of ‘friend’ and ‘enemy’.


Fake friends: The illusionist revision of Western urbanology at the time of platform capitalism Critical Commentary by Ugo Rossi

Critical Commentary by Ugo Rossi assesses the revisions of what he terms Western Urbanology – influential apologists of the urban age and its entrepreneurialist potential, starting with Florida and Glaeser – in the face of the recent populist explosion.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Understanding children’s perceptions and activities in urban public spaces: The case study of Zrêbar Lake Waterfront in Kurdistan by Soran Mansournia, Bakhtiar Bahrami, Leila  Mahmoudi Farahani, Farshid Aram

How do researchers understand children's perceptions of an attitudes towards urban spaces?



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