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2 Aug 2021, 3:48 p.m.

New issue out now

The August Special Issue (Volume 58, Issue 11) of Urban Studies Journal is now available online: New spatialities of work in the city guest edited by Darja Reuschke and Carol Ekinsmyth. 

Read the introduction: New spatialities of work in the city by Darja Reuschke, Carol Ekinsmyth

Read the full August issue here.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Arab integration in new and established mixed cities in Israel by Ahmed Baker Diab, Ilan Shdema and Izhak Schnell

Baker Diab, Shdema, and Schnell consider a core issue in contemporary urban fabrics: the segregation and integration of minority groups.


Multiple problematisations: The logics governing wet markets in two Chinese cities by Shuru Zhong, Yulin Chen, Guojun Zeng

Latest study from Zhong, Chen and Zeng explores the impacts of local governance on the everyday practices of vendors and consumers in Sanya and Beijing City wet markets


The three tenures: A case of property maintenance by Geoff Rose, Richard Harris

Rose and Harris utilise tax data for every residential property in the City of Rochester, New York, in 2017, for their latest study on property maintenance.


Working the urban assemblage: A transnational study of transforming practices by Catherine Durose, Mark van Ostaijen, Merlijn van Hulst, Oliver Escobar, Annika Agger

A different way of thinking about transforming cities? Cross-national research places those working for change at the centre of debates.


Remembering the river: Flood, memory and infrastructural ecologies of stormwater drainage in Mumbai by V. Chitra

Using Mumbai's river Mithu as a case study, Chitra shows how articulations of nature and urban development are emerging from the anxieties of climate change.


The effect of film production studios on housing prices in Atlanta, the Hollywood of the South by Velma Zahirovic-Herbert, Karen M Gibler

Zahirovic-Herbert and Gibler investigate film production studios' effect on residential property values using housing sales data.


Land financialisation, planning informalisation and gentrification as statecraft in Antwerp by Callum Ward

Ward highlights how the literature on land financialisation might better incorporate conjunctural analyses.


Everyday contours and politics of infrastructure: Informal governance of electricity access in urban Ghana by Ebenezer F Amankwaa, Katherine V Gough

Latest paper from Amankwaa and Gough contributes to the analysis of the unequal geographies of infrastructure and governance in the global South.


Books available for review

If you are interested in reviewing a book for Urban Studies, please check the list of books available for review here before getting in touch with our Book Reviews Editor, Dr Lazaros Karaliotas


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