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5 Jun 2023, 10:26 a.m.

New issue out now

The June special issue (Volume 60, Issue 8) of Urban Studies Journal is now available online: Urban Public Health Emergencies and the COVID-19 Pandemic (1): Social and Spatial Inequalities in the COVID-city. Read the full issue here.

Read the introduction to this special issue by guest editors:

Urban public health emergencies and the COVID-19 pandemic. Part 1: Social and spatial inequalities in the COVID-city by Scott Orford, Yingling Fan and Philip Hubbard


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Have cycling-friendly cities achieved cycling equity? Analyses of the educational gradient in cycling in Dutch and German cities by Ansgar Hudde

New article by Ansgar Hudde develops competing hypotheses on how the effect of education on cycling differs by the macro-level cycling rate.

Read the accompanying blog post: Cycling equity and the city


Dialectical approach to unpacking knowledge-making for digital urban democracy: A critical case of Helsinki-based e-participatory budgeting by Yu-Shan Tseng, Christoph Becker and Ida Roikonen

In this Open Access article, Tseng et al investigate how the Finnish digital platform OmaStadi legitimises certain urban knowledge to receive public resources from the City of Helsinki. 


Leadership repertoire and political engagement in a divided city: The case of East Jerusalem by Noam Brenner, Dan Miodownik and Shaul R. Shenhav

Do the leaders of minority communities in divided cities influence group members' expressed willingness to engage politically with rival groups? Brenner et al examine urban governance in divided cities in this Open Access paper. 

Read the accompanying blog post: How does exposure to diverse community leaders influence urban political engagement in a divided city?


Freight logistics and the city debates paper by Håvard Haarstad, Rafael Rosales and Subina Shrestha

In their Open Access debates paper, Haarstad et al argue that urban studies should consider freight logistics as an integral part of ongoing urban transformations.


Urban planning and the knowledge politics of the smart city critical commentary by Matthew Cook and Andrew Karvonen

Open Access critical commentary from Matthew Cook and Andrew Karvonen applies Aristotelian virtues of techne, episteme and phronesis in a critique of current smart city practices.


Smart and disruptive infrastructures: Re-building knowledge on the informal city critical commentary by Kerry Bobbins, Federico Caprotti, Jiska de Groot, Whitney Pailman, Mascha Moorlach, Hendrik Schloemann, Alex Densmore, Kimenthrie Finlay, Ellen Fischat, Siseko Siwali and Joslyn Links

Kerry Bobbins et al sketch out ways the disruptive aspects of solar energy can be helpful for re-building knowledge on the informal city in this Open Access critical commentary. 


Underground urbanism in Africa: Splintered subterranean space in Lagos, Nigeria by Abidemi Agwor, Maria de Lourdes Melo Zurita and Paul G Munro

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Long-Term Intergenerational Perspectives on Urban Sustainability Transitions

In their new Open Access study, Abidemi Agwor et al offer an assessment of the possibilities and challenges that the urban underground presents for the future of Lagos and other African cities.


A contingent publicness: Entanglements on buses by Yogi Joseph and Govind Gopakumar

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Public Transport as Public Space

Yogi Joseph and Govind Gopakumar's Open Access special issue paper considers publicness as a contingent entity that is constituted through the process of transiting. 



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