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8 Jan 2024, 8:37 a.m.

New issue out now

The January 2024 (Volume 61, Issue 1) of Urban Studies Journal is now available online. Read the full issue here.

Articles include:

Freight logistics and the city by Håvard Haarstad, Rafael Rosales and Subina Shrestha

In this open access Debates paper, Håvard Haarstad, Rafael Rosales and Subina Shrestha argue that urban studies should consider freight logistics as an integral part of ongoing urban transformations.


Re-measuring gentrification by devin michelle bunten, Benjamin Preis and Shifrah Aron-Dine

This article from devin michelle bunten, Benjamin Preis and Shifrah Aron-Dine on the measurement of gentrification shows that a gap between house value and income percentiles predicts future income growth.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Mapping policy pathways: Urban referencing networks in public art policies by Noga Keidar and Daniel Silver

How do model cities emerge within policy-making processes? Noga Keidar and Daniel Silver develop the concept of the Urban Referencing Network and examines it using public art policies of 26 cities since 1959.

Read the updated blog post here.


Reimagining hope through the political: A post-foundational reading of urban alternatives beyond postpolitics by Mohamed Saleh and Friederike Landau-Donnelly

In this open access paper, Mohamed Saleh and Friederike Landau-Donnelly propose hope as a lens for critical urban research for the purpose of grasping the interplay between forces of change and stability as manifested in popular uprisings.


Diverging mobility situations in Greater Mexico City: Exploring the factors behind the mobility situations of public transport commuters by David López-García

Results from David López-García's latest study show that the mobility situations of workers are primarily influenced by the socioeconomic characteristics of commuters.


Housing movement coalitions in the United States: Trends from big networks among urban civil society leaders by Andrew Messamore

In this open access paper, Messamore suggests that 'scholars of housing movements should pay greater attention to the role of municipal governments in shaping housing coalitions, as well as how municipally supported coalitions influence grassroots strategies and movement outcomes.'


Social ties in and out of the neighbourhood: Between compensation and cumulation by Joanie Cayouette-Remblière and Eric Charmes

How are social ties within and outside the neighbourhood articulated in different contexts for different population groups?


New book reviews on Urban Blog

Urban Revolutions book cover

Book review: Urban Revolutions: Urbanisation and (Neo-)Colonialism in Transatlantic Context

reviewed by Laam Hae

“The book examines how Marxist and revolutionary anti-colonial currents can be fused and brought to bear on urban problematics, starting with Henri Lefebvre and Frantz Fanon.”

The Great Urban Transition book cover

Book review: The Great Urban Transition: Landscape and Environmental Changes from Siberia, Shanghai, to Saigon

reviewed by Muhammad Khairul, Nurul Fajri Saminan, and Yasmin Yasmin

“The book ‘The Great Urban Transition’ by Peilei Fan presents an in-depth analysis of the impact of rapid urbanisation in Southeast, East and North Asia (SENA).”

Read more book reviews on the Urban Studies blog.



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