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9 May 2023, 8:11 a.m.

New issues out now

The May issue (Volume 60, Issue 6) of Urban Studies Journal is now available online. Read the full issue here. Articles include:

An economic geography perspective on city diplomacy Debates paper by Jorn Koelemaij, Sam Taveirne and Ben Derudder

Displacement frames: How residents perceive, explain and respond to un-homing in Black San Francisco by Kimya Loder and Forrest Stuart


The May Special Issue Urbanizing Degrowth: Towards a Radical Spatial Degrowth Agenda for Future Cities (Volume 60, Issue 7) of Urban Studies Journal is now available online. 

Read the introduction by our Guest Editors:

Urbanizing degrowth: Five steps towards a Radical Spatial Degrowth Agenda for planning in the face of climate emergency by Maria Kaika, Angelos Varvarousis, Federico Demaria and Hug March


Read the full issue here.


New book reviews on Urban Blog

Book review: Curtain up: City diplomacy in global migration governance

reviewed by Daniel Pejic

"...Curtain Up is an important and timely intervention presenting findings from the first major systematic study of the role of cities in global migration governance and an explicit attempt to create a dialogue between the interdisciplinary research on this theme."

Book review symposium: [Un]Grounding

reviewed by Joe Blakey, Matina Kapsali and Nicola Guy

This review symposium brings together three scholars who draw attention to key contributions of the book, while also putting forward critiques and questions to the editors. 

In response, Friederike Landau-Donnelly, Lucas Pohl and Nikolai Roskamm nicely highlight how ‘living in post-foundational times means to wrestle with uncertainty’, and return to some of the book’s key contributions and aims and begin thinking towards a more plural (geographical) post-foundationalism.

Book review forum podcast: The Surrounds

Reviewed by: Pranita Shrestha, Alison Young, Adam Morton, Tanzil Shafique and Dallas Rogers; with an response from the author, AbdouMaliq Simone

Shrestha,Young, Morton, Shafique and Rogers discuss AbdouMaliq Simone's 2022 book from Duke Press, The Surrounds: Urban Life within and beyond Capture, in a new book review forum podcast episode.

Read more book reviews on the Urban Studies blog.


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