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12 Apr 2021, 10:57 a.m.

New issue out now

The May (Volume 58, Issue 6) of Urban Studies Journal is now available online. Read the full issue here.

Articles include:

Extended urbanisation and the agrarian question: Convergences, divergences and openings Debates Paper by Swarnabh Ghosh, Ayan Meer

Latest Debates Paper from Ghosh and Meer brings the concept of extended urbanisation into conversation with related concepts from critical Agrarian studies.


The false promise of homeownership: Homeowner societies in an era of declining access and rising inequality by Rowan Arundel, Richard Ronald

New analyses from Arundel and Ronald exposes contemporary housing market dynamics that appear to enhance inequality and insecurity in the US, UK and Australia.

Read the full May issue here.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

‘Remaining the same or becoming another?’ Adaptive resilience versus transformative urban change Critical Commentary by Stephan Leixnering, Markus Höllerer

New Critical Commentary article from Leixnering and Höllerer aims to add nuance, clarity and conceptual precision to the debates on resilience currently raging in the field of urban change.


The refugees’ right to the centre of the city: City branding versus city commoning in Athens by Charalampos Tsavdaroglou, Maria Kaika

Tsavdaroglou and Kaika's new paper focuses on the area of Exarcheia in Athens, an emblematic case of the conflicted nexus of investors and refugees.


Residential coexistence: Anonymity, etiquette and proximity in high-rise living by Tamir Arviv, Efrat Eizenberg

Drawing on interviews with Jewish and Arab residents in a new middle-class high rise complex (HRC) in Haifa, Israel, Arviv and Eizenberg illustrate that Arabs and Jews share many reasons for living in the HRC.


Does urban concentration matter for changes in country economic performance? Roberto Ganau, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

Results from Ganau and Rodríguez-Pose's latest article indicate that urban concentration reduces employment growth, but increases GDP per capita and labour productivity growth.

Read the accompanying blog post here.


Changes in crime surrounding an urban home renovation and rebuild programme by Michelle Kondo, Michelle Degli Esposti, Jonathan Jay, Christopher N. Morrison, Bridget Freisthler, Claire Jones, Jingzhen Yang, Deena Chisolm, Charles Branas, Bernadette Hohl

New study by Kondo et al on the changes in crime surrounding an urban home renovation and rebuild program.


‘Fountain’, from Victorian necessity to modern inconvenience: Contesting the death of public toilets by Catalina Pollak Williamson

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Infrastructural stigma and urban vulnerability

Pollak advances a Lefebvrian ‘right to the city’ against hegemonic neoliberal agendas.



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