Latest Urban Studies news 13/07/20

13 Jul 2020, 1:37 p.m.

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Polycentric regions: Proposals for a new typology and terminology by Angelika Münter, Kati Volgmann

Münter and Volgmann expose knowledge gaps to be addressed in a recast 'Polycentric Regions' (PR) research agenda.


The time-spaces of austerity urbanism: Narratives of ‘localism’ and UK neighbourhood policy by Eleanor Jupp

Using a time-space perspective, Jupp examines the impact of urban policy change.


Understanding the global ecosystem of city networks by Michele Acuto, Benjamin Leffel

Latest paper from Acuto and Leffel analyses a database of 202 city networks.


Queer urban trauma and its spatial politics: A lesson from social movements in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem by Gilly Hartal, Chen Misgav

This article is part of the forthcoming Special Issue: Placing LGBTQ+urban activisms.

Misgay and Hartal develop the concept of queer urban trauma and its aftermath in the sense of urban and spatial activism.



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