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14 Jun 2021, 2:53 p.m.

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Repopulating density: COVID-19 and the politics of urban value by Colin McFarlane

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Urban public health emergencies and the COVID-19 pandemic.

How might concepts of value and population illuminate the present and future of urban density?

Read the accompanying blog post here.


Beyond growth and density: Recentring the demographic drivers of urban health and risk in the global south by James Duminy

This critical commentary is part of the forthcoming special issue: Urban public health emergencies and the Covid-19 pandemic.

New special issue critical commentary by Duminy emphasises the demographic drivers of urban change in the context of the global south.


The taming of chaos: Optimal cities and the state of the art in urban systems research by Linnet Taylor

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Big data in the city.

Latest special issue commentary by Taylor advocates that urban researchers connect systems research to questions of structure and power.


Big Data in the city by Jon Bannister and Anthony O’Sullivan

This editorial introduces the forthcoming special issue: Big data in the city.

'Big data can be cast as part of the route map to better urban futures': 


Inter-city transport infrastructure and intra-city housing markets: Estimating the redistribution effect of high-speed rail in Shenzhen, China by Zheng Chang and Mi Diao

New study by Chang and Diao analyses the changes in intra-city housing values in response to improved connections brought by high-speed rail in Shenzen, China.


Urban paradox and the rise of the neoliberal city: Case study of Lagos, Nigeria by Oluwafemi Olajide and Taibat Lawanson

Latest article from Olajide and Lawanson explores how government practices have shaped the city of Lagos, Nigeria.


Governing investors and developers: Analysing the role of risk allocation in urban development by Frances Brill

Brill's latest article demonstrates the potential for risk-based urban governance analysis in the future.


Urban scaling in rapidly urbanising China by Weiqian Lei, Limin Jiao, Gang Xu, Zhengzi Zhou

Findings from Lei et al's latest study confirm that the urban scaling laws can also be applied to fast urbanising China but preseents some uniqueness echoing its distinct urbanisation.


Out of the loop? On the radical and the routine in urban big data by Sarah Barns

This commentary is part of the forthcoming special issue: Big data in the city.

Barns calls for a closer interrogation of the conditions that allow autonomous urban intelligence to be created in this new special issue article.


Neoliberalism and neo-dirigisme in action: The state–corporate alliance and the great housing rush of the 2000s in Istanbul, Turkey by Sinan Tankut Gülhan

Sinan Tankut Gülhan foregrounds the state-corporate alliance in real estate development in Istanbul since the early 2000s.



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