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16 Jan 2023, 11:29 a.m.

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The effect of the pandemic on European narratives on smart cities and surveillance by Mikołaj Biesaga, Anna Domaradzka, Magdalena Roszczyńska-Kurasińska, Szymon Talaga and Andrzej Nowak

Mikołaj Biesaga et al present an analysis of European smart city narratives and how they evolved under the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Changes in psychosocial wellbeing over a five-year period in two predominantly Black Pittsburgh neighbourhoods: A comparison between gentrifying and non-gentrifying census tracts by Alexandra Mendoza-Graf, Rebecca L Collins, Madhumita Ghosh Dastidar, Robin Beckman, Gerald P Hunter, Wendy M Troxel and Tamara Dubowitz

Alexandra Mendoza-Graf et al suggest that further consideration should be given in gentrification to ensure any detrimental effects on social cohesion and neighbourhood satisfaction are mitigated.

Read the accompanying blog post here.


Defining ‘metropolitan’ poverty: Isolation gradients in major US urban areas by Scott William Hegerty

New article from Scott William Hegerty compares 'isolation gradients' in 2000 and 2015-19 in the United States.


An economic geography perspective on city diplomacy by Jorn Koelemaij, Sam Taveirne and Ben Derudder

In this Debates paper, Koelemaij et al argue that engaging with the concepts of urban entrepreneurialism and uneven development can strengthen the analysis of processes and consequences of city diplomacy.


Precarious and non-precarious work in the informal sector: Evidence from South Africa by Hermanus Stephanus Geyer

Study by Hermanus Stephanus Geyer finds that the COVID-19 lockdown and economic recession led to a new dialectical relationship between long-term residents and a precariat in-group of non-propertied actors, recent migrants and immigrants in the informal sector.


COVID-19 and urban informality: Exploring the implications of the pandemic for the politics of planning and inequality debates paper by Gavin Shatkin, Vivek Mishra Maria Khristine Alvarez

Debates paper from Shatkin, Mishra and Alvarez develops a framework for analysing planning approaches that address contemporary pandemic risk.


Ethnic residential segregation in the city of Milan at the interplay between social class, housing and labour market by David Consolazio, David Benassi Antonio and Giampiero Russo

Open access article from Russo, Consolazio and Benassi analyses the spatial distribution of foreigners living in Milan. 


Urban infrastructure patching: Citizen-led solutions to infrastructure ruptures by John R Bryson, Chloe Billing and Mark Tewdwr-Jones

Bryson, Billing and Tewdwr-Jones's latest open access study examines urban infrastructure patching with reference to conceptual debates and research undertaken in Birmingham, UK.


Deindustrialisation and the politics of subordinate degrowth: The case of Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina by Seth Schindler, J Miguel Kanai and Javier Diaz Bay

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Urbanizing degrowth: towards a radical spatial degrowth agenda for future cities

Open access special issue article from Schindler, Kanai and Diaz Bay argues that any realistic strategy to spatialise degrowth within cities must recognise the indeterminacy and messiness of urban politics.


New reviews on Urban Blog

Streetcars and the Shifting Geographies of Toronto book cover

Book review: Streetcars and the Shifting Geographies of Toronto

reviewed by Rebecca Heimel

"Doucet and Doucet, a father and son academic team, are the first to analyse the urban, economic, social and geographic realities of Toronto using urban scholarship together with the method of repeat photography on historic and contemporary images of streetcars."

Read more book reviews on the Urban Studies blog.


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