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19 Feb 2024, 8:27 a.m.

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Doing sonic urban ethnography: Voices from Shanghai, Berlin and London by Ana Aceska, Karolina Doughty, Muhammet Esat Tiryaki, Katherine Robinson, Eva Tisnikar and Fang Xu

New open access paper by Ana Aceska et al argues that the promise of sonic urban ethnography lies in its ability to interrupt the predominant focus on text and the visual by developing expanded practices of listening for alternative ways of engaging with the urban.


Afterword: Out there (or, do we have lift off?) by AbdouMaliq Simone

This is part of the forthcoming Special Issue: Radical Verticality: Critical explorations of high-rise urbanism.

AbdouMaliq Simone concludes the forthcoming special issue on Radical Verticality in this Afterword.


Place-oriented digital agency: Residents’ use of digital means to enhance neighbourhood change by Hadas Zur

This is part of the forthcoming Special Issue: Digitalization, Neighborhood Change and Urban Social Processes.

Hadas Zur's new special issue paper aims to explore how residents utilise digital tools to activate their agency and influence local politics.


‘Security’ and private governance in São Paulo’s corporate centrality frontier by Gabriella DD De Biaggi

This is part of the forthcoming Special Issue: The new private urban governance: Vestiges, ventures, and visibility.

This special issue article discusses the connections between the transformation in centre-periphery relations and the reworking of prior forms of socio-spatial control since the ‘security’ turn of the 1990s.


Smart cities at the intersection of public governance paradigms for sustainability critical commentary by Giuseppe Grossi and Olga Welinder

Grossi and Welinder propose to dig deeper into the complex sociotechnical nature of the smart city and examine the concept through the lens of different public governance paradigms in this new open access critical commentary.


New book reviews on Urban Blog

Urban Design Governance: Soft Powers and the European Experience cover

Book review: Urban Design Governance: Soft Powers and the European Experience

reviewed by Yueh-Sung Weng

“This book is not only suitable for urban designers but also an informative book for readers who are interested in urban governance."

Housing in the Margins book cover

Book review forum: Housing in the Margins

reviewed by Rachael Dobson, Nicholas Blomley, Allan Cochrane and Ryan Thomas Devlin

“Reading Housing in the Margins is a stimulating and thought-provoking experience.”

Read more book reviews on the Urban Studies blog.



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