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20 Mar 2023, 11:09 a.m.

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Realising direct democracy through representative democracy: From the Yellow Vests to a libertarian municipalist strategy in Commercy by Sixtine Van Outryve

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Municipalist strategy in crisis?

New special issue article by Sixtine Van Outryve examines the local experiment of assembly direct democracy from the beginning of the Yellow Vests movement in Commercy, France.


Using natural language processing to construct a National Zoning and Land Use Database by Matthew Mleczko and Matthew Desmond

Matthew Mleczko and Matthew Desmond construct a National Zoning and Land Use Database using natural language processing techniques on publicly available administrative data.


The ‘kampung formula’: Infrastructural adventurism and public art in Semarang, Indonesia by Lukas Ley

Lukas Ley's open access article focuses on kampungs as spaces that allow economically precarious artists to engage with the city.


Plug-in urbanism: City building and the parodic guise of new infrastructure in Africa critical commentary by Prince K Guma, Jethron Ayumbah Akallah and Jack Ong’iro Odeo

Using the Nairobi Expressway as a case study, Guma et al stir the conversation round the notion of 'plug-in urbanism' in this open access critical commentary.


The rise of single-family rentals and the relationship to opportunity neighbourhoods for low-income families with children by Sahar Khaleel and Bernadette Hanlon

Latest findings from Khaleel and Hanlon's study suggest that rental burden prevents families with children in poverty from accessing high- and moderate-opportunity neighbourhoods.


New book review on Urban Blog

In-betweeness in Greater Khartoum book cover

Book review: In-betweenness in Greater Khartoum: Spaces, Temporalities, and Identities from Separation to Revolution

reviewed by Eric Denis

"With their edited volume In-Betweenness in Greater Khartoum, Alice Franck, Barbara Casciarri and Idris Salim El-Hassan offer a deeply grounded analysis of recent changes in the capital of Sudan. The book instates Khartoum within the cities important to consider for the urban world in the making."

Read more book reviews on the Urban Studies blog.


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