Latest Urban Studies news 21/12/20

21 Dec 2020, 2:53 p.m.

New issue out now

The January (Volume 58, Issue 1) of Urban Studies Journal is now available online. Read the full issue here.

Articles include:

Planetary Silicon Valley: Deconstructing New York’s innovation complex annual lecture paper by Sharon Zukin

In her Urban Studies Journal annual lecture Sharon Zukin reflects on 'Planetary Silicon Valley: Deconstructing New York’s innovation complex'.


Anchoring Urban Development: Globalisation, Attractiveness and Complexity debates paper by Olivier Crevoisier, Delphine Rime

Crevoisier and Rime argue that the main issue for urban development theories and practices is combining competitiveness in terms of exports with attractiveness to local and external customers.

Read the full January issue here.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Anchoring the social economy at the metropolitan scale: Findings from the Liverpool City Region debates paper by Matthew Thompson, Alan Southern, Helen Heap

Research from Thompson et al suggests that the social economy can build a workable alternative to neoliberal economic development with tailored institutional support.


Transnational education zones: Towards an urban political economy of ‘education cities’ by Jana M Kleibert, Alice Bobée, Tim Rottleb, Marc Schulze

Kleibert et al review the role of universities in the political economy of cities and understands them as transnational urban actors.



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