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22 May 2023, 9:10 a.m.

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Rethinking urban utopianism: The fallacy of social mix in the 15-minute city debates paper by Giada Casarin, Julie MacLeavy and David Manley 

In this open access study, Giada Casarin, Julie MacLeavy and David Manley examine the evolution of social mixing policies to the current 15-minute city. 


Verticalities in comparison: Debates on high-rise construction in Izmir and Istanbul by Anlam Filiz

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Radical Verticality: Critical explorations of high-rise urbanism

Anlam Filiz argues that skyscrapers have become materialised symbols of Istanbul's integration into global capitalism, neoliberal urbanism, setting it apart from other urban centres in Turkey.


New book reviews on Urban Blog

City, Climate, and Architecture book coverCoping with Urban Climates book cover

Book review essay: City, Climate, and Architecture; Coping with Urban Climates

reviewed by Noa Levin

"City, Climate, and Architecture and Coping with Urban Climates, two volumes which emerged from the same project, address the increasing effects of climate change on the everyday lives of urban residents by focusing on urban climatology through the prism of urban design and architecture...Together, they make the case that urban planners and architects must take climatological factors into account in order to adapt cities to the transforming climates in the present and future."

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