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24 May 2021, 12:16 p.m.

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Non-standard work in unconventional workspaces: Self-employed women in home-based businesses and coworking spaces by Paula Rodríguez-Modroño

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: New spatialities of work in the city.

Findings from Rodríguez-Modroño's new special issue article reveal that work intensity, working time quality, and prospects depend more on an individual being self-employed than on being home-based. 


An enclave entrepôt: The informal migration industry and Johannesburg’s socio-spatial transformation by Tanya Zack, Loren B Landau

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Making cities through migration industries.

Landau and Zack argue that the global trade in Chinese 'fast fashion' transforms Johannesburg's Park Station neighbourhood into an enclave entrepôt.


Incubators, accelerators and urban economic development by Margarida Madaleno, Max Nathan, Henry Overman, Sevrin Waights

Madaleno et al combine theory and evidence on incubator and accelerator programes, and their effects on urban economic development.


Reclaiming Hong Kong through neighbourhood-making: A study of the 2019 Anti-ELAB movement by Yao-Tai Li and Katherine Whitworth

Latest article from Li and Whitworth is set in the context of the 2019 Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill protest movement in Hong Kong. 


New reviews on Urban Blog

Connecting People, Place and Design book cover

Book review: Connecting People, Place and Design

reviewed by Stephen Muecke

"Angelique Edmonds’ Connecting People, Place and Design will be of interest to readers of Urban Studies who are familiar with initiatives such as London’s ‘Every One Every Day’ for the Participatory City Foundation. Such projects are democratising in that they take the wellbeing of the community to be a primary consideration in urban design and the participation of this community is built into the design structure, extending potentially to the inclusion of non-human life as a part of this democracy of things and people."

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