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24 Jul 2023, 11:13 a.m.

New virtual special issue available now

Our new Virtual Special Issue entitled Latin American Cities edited by Catalina Ortiz is now available online here

Read the introduction: Writing the Latin American city: Trajectories of urban scholarship by Catalina Ortiz

Catalina Ortiz's open access essay introduces our new Virtual Special Issue on urban studies in Latin America, which showcases a selection of articles from the journal's archives from the mid-1970s to the present.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Thermal insecurity: Violence of heat and cold in the urban climate refuge by Zoé A Hamstead

In this open access article, Zoe Hamstead contributes to an emerging critical heat studies agenda, which aims to centre people's everyday adaptive thermal practices and struggles.


The right to the smart city in the Global South: A research agenda debates paper by Tooran Alizadeh and Deepti Prasad

New open access debates paper by Tooran Alizadeh and Deepti Prasad puts forward a research agenda ‘the right to the smart city in the Global South' - through three lenses of expose, propose, and politicise, from a Southern critical perspective to produce a normative alternative vision for ‘just smart city'.

Read the accompanying blog post here.


Who owns the city? Neoliberal urbanism and land purchases in Gurgaon, India by Meher Bhagia and Mallika Bose

Who really owns our cities? New open access study by Bhagia and Bose dives into the financialisation of real estate and corporate land acquisitions in India to find the true extent of corporate influence and its impact on housing affordability.

Read the accompanying blog post here.


Carceral connections: The role of policing in the management of public housing in New York City by James Rodriguez

By examining police as collaborators within public housing policy, this article by James Rodriguez uncovers the entanglement of law enforcement in urban development, and the underlying relationships between the state, capital, and police in contemporary gentrification.

Read the accompanying blog post here.


Libertecture: A catalogue of libertarian spaces by Rowland Atkinson and Liam O’Farrell

This open access article is part of the forthcoming Special Issue: The New Private Urban Governance: Vestiges, Ventures, and Visibility

Will libertarian ideas embodied in built environments and city infrastructures herald more atomised, unequal and unsustainable urban conditions?

Read the accompanying blog post here.



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