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31 Aug 2020, 12:31 p.m.

New issue out now

The September (Volume 57, Issue 12) of Urban Studies Journal is now available online. Read the full issue here.

Articles include:

Gentrifiers, distinction, and social preservation: A case study in consumption on Mount Pleasant Street in Washington, DC by Andrew Riely

Riely investigates gentrifiers’ consumption practices in Mount Pleasant, Washington, DC to ascertain how they differ from those of peers in neighbourhoods where gentrification has followed a more typical trajectory.


Measuring polycentricity via network flows, spatial interaction and percolation by Somwrita Sarkar, Hao Wu, David M Levinson

Sarkar, Wu and Levinson consider an alternate idea to location-based metrics of policentricity: a centre’s status depends on its connectivity to other locations through trip inflows/outflows; an inherently a network rather than place idea.


Read the full September issue here.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

The effect of upzoning on house prices and redevelopment premiums in Auckland, New Zealand by Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy, Gail Pacheco, Kade Sorensen

New study from Greenaway-McGrevy et al shows that the economic potential for site redevelopment is fundamental to understanding the impact of changes in land use regulations on property values.


Contemporary echoes of segregationist policy: Spatial marking and the persistence of inequality by Jacob Faber

Faber investigates the role of institutional classification of place in the persistence of housing finance inequality. 


Queering social reproduction: Sex, care and activism in San Francisco by Max J Andrucki 

This article is part of the forthcoming Special issue: Placing LGBTQ+ urban activisms

Latest paper by Andrucki asks in what ways can we think of gay urban space as continually made and remade through non-monogamous sex practices? 


Transnational gentrification: The crossroads of transnational mobility and urban research by Matthew Hayes, Hila Zaban

This article is an introduction to the forthcoming Special issue: Transnational gentrification

New Special Issue introduction notes that the acceleration of lifestyle mobilities moving through urban spaces, and the development of transnational lifestyles of urban place consumption, has produced new forms of gentrification.



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