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24 Apr 2023, 10:25 a.m.

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Comparative urbanism for hope and healing: Urbicide and the dilemmas of reconstruction in post-war Syria and Poland by Joanna Kusiak and Ammar Azzouz

In their new Open Acess study, Joanna Kusiak and Ammar Azzouz ask what role can an ethical, affective stance such as hope play in the methodology of comparative urbanism?


Queering utopia: Pride walks in modernist Chandigarh by Preetika Sharma, Kanchan Gandhi and Anu Sabhlok

Preetika Sharma, Kanchan Gandhi and Anu Sabhlok's study pushes the boundaries of both queer theory and urban utopian imaginations. 


Income polarisation, expenditure and the Australian urban middle class by Ilan Wiesel, Julia de Bruyn, Jordy Meekes and Sangeetha Chandrashekeran

Ilan Wiesel et al examine different conceptualisations of polarisation, and introduce the concept of expenditure-adjusted polarisation in this Open Access article. 


A transport of one’s own: Women in contemporary Mexico City’s public transport through the lens of photojournalism by Teresa Franco

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Public transport as public space.

New special issue study from Teresa Franco explores how the analysis of photojournalist material makes visible the various and distinct encounters that women experience when using public transport in Mexico City.


New book reviews on Urban Blog

Wake Up, This is Joburg book cover

Book review: Wake Up, This Is Joburg

reviewed by Denise L. Lim

Wake Up, This Is Joburg effectively frames Johannesburg as one of the continent’s most important entrepôts where people journey from various nodes of the country and continent to earn a decent living. Rather than criminalise their activities, these stories provoke readers to ‘wake up’ and pay attention to those who make this city a fascinating but enigmatic place to live.


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