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25 Jan 2021, 3:31 p.m.

Editors’ Featured Articles

Read this quarter's Editors’ Featured Articles, which are now available free access on a temporary basis including:

Transatlantic city, part 1: Conjunctural urbanism by Jamie Peck

Peck outlines a case for a ‘conjunctural’ approach to urban analysis in the first instalment of this two-part article.


Doing mobile ethnography: Grounded, situated and comparative by Monika Streule

 How can qualitative-empirical methods be adapted to explore contemporary urban conditions? Streule introduces a specific methodological design of a mobile ethnography that enables an analysis of large and heterogeneous urban territories. 

Read the other articles here.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Urban migrant and refugee solidarity beyond city limits by Harald Bauder

New article by Bauder examines urban solidarity approaches in Berlin and Freiburg in Germany, and Zurich in Switzerland.


Burglaries and entry controls in gated communities by Zengli Wang, Lin Liu, Cory Haberman, Minxuan Lan, Bo Yang and Hanlin Zhou

Wang et al examine whether different levels of entry controls impact burglary rates in gated communities. 

Read the accompanying blog post here.


Exploring the long-term effect of strategy work: The case of Sustainable Sydney 2030 by Martin Kornberger, Renate E Meyer and Markus A Höllerer

Kornberger et al contribute to extant research by adding the institution nexus as a long-term effect of urban strategy.

Read the accompanying blog post here.


On the long-run solution to aggregate housing systems by Geoffrey Meen, Alexander Mihailov and Yehui Wang

Meen et al explore the properties of dynamic aggregate housing models in their latest article. 


Big data, accessibility and urban house prices by Steven C Bourassa, Martin Hoesli, Louis Merlin, John Renne

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Big data in the city

Bourassa et al consider whether the inclusion of Big Data Accessibility Indexes improve the accuracy of Hedonic Price Models used for residential property valuation.




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