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29 Mar 2021, 2:17 p.m.

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On urban studies in Brazil: The favela, uneven urbanisation and beyond Debates Paper by Mariana Fix, Pedro Fiori Arantes

Critical perspectives on the favela, uneven urbanisation and beyond in this new debates paper.


Policing gentrification or policing displacement? Testing the relationship between order maintenance policing and neighbourhood change in Los Angeles by Charles R. Collins, Forrest Stuart, Patrick Janulis

New analysis reveals that tracts experiencing gentrification experience a greater number of citations compared to other tract types.


Understanding the geography of affordable housing provided through land value capture: Evidence from England by Alexander Lord, Chi-Wan Cheang, Richard Dunning

Lord, Cheang and Dunning investigate the relationship between market conditions, Land Value Capture practices and planning outcomes in England.


‘I can’t just go up to a person to ask what’s going on.’ How Dutch urbanites’ accounts of non-engagement enhance our understanding of urban care by Laurine Blonk, Margo Trappenburg, Femmianne Bredewold

New study develops an account of the specific urban dimension of responding to strangers' care needs.


Performing the ecological fix under state entrepreneurialism: A case study of Taihu New Town, China by Fangzhu Zhang, Fulong Wu

New article suggests that ecological enhancement through the production of nature is attempted in conjunction with the production of the built environment.


A rhythmanalysis approach to understanding the vending-walking forms and everyday use of urban street space in Yuncheng, China by Ziwen Sun

New paper investigates how rhythms are linked to spatial form, time and the everyday street activity of walking and vending.


What determines pupils’ travel distance to school in China? A multilevel analysis of educational access in Beijing by Lili Xiang, Myles Gould, John Stillwell

Research from Xiang et al’s new study reveals that contextual factors are more influential on students' education access when compared to individual-level factors except for education stage and housing type.

Read the accompanying blog: Pupils’ Travel Distance to School in China: Geographical Context Matters!


Announcement: IIHS Urban Fellows Programme 2021-22

The Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) has launched the sixth iteration of the Urban Fellows Programme (UFP) 2021-22. The nine-month UFP is full-time, scholarship-based and interdisciplinary, and situated at the IIHS City Campus in Bengaluru. Applications close on 11 April 2021. A series of webinars will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm to 6pm until 13 April 2021. Find out more here.


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