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29 Apr 2024, 11:33 a.m.

Urban Studies Best Article 2023

The editors are pleased to announce that two of the shortlisted papers have been selected as joint winners of the Urban Studies Best Article for 2023. Our congratulations to the authors: Anthony Miro Born, for The long shadow of territorial stigma: Upward social mobility and the symbolic baggage of the old neighbourhood; and Japhy Wilson, for Apocalyptic urban surrealism in the city at the end of the world.

The long shadow of territorial stigma: Upward social mobility and the symbolic baggage of the old neighbourhood
Anthony Miro Born
Urban Studies 60(3): 537–553.

Apocalyptic urban surrealism in the city at the end of the world
Japhy Wilson
Urban Studies 60(4): 718–733.


Seven other articles were shortlisted by the editors:

‘My neighbourhood is fuzzy, not hard and fast’: Individual and contextual associations with perceived residential neighbourhood boundaries among ageing Americans
Jessica Finlay, Joy Jang, Michael Esposito, Leslie McClure, Suzanne Judd and Philippa Clarke
Urban Studies 60(1): 85–108.

Citizen security and urban commuting in Latin America
José Ignacio Giménez-Nadal, Lucía Echeverría and Alberto Molina
Urban Studies 60(13): 2585–2611.

Capital’s welfare dependency: Market failure, stalled regeneration and state subsidy in Glasgow and Edinburgh
Neil Gray and Hamish Kallin
Urban Studies 60(6): 1031–1047.

Towards a modest imaginary? Sanitation in Kampala beyond the modern infrastructure ideal
Mary Lawhon, Gloria Nsangi Nakyagaba and Timos Karpouzoglou
Urban Studies 60(1): 146–165.

Impacts of political fragmentation on inclusive economic resilience: Examining American metropolitan areas after the Great Recession
Soomi Lee and Shu Wang
Urban Studies 60(1): 26–45.

Using natural language processing to construct a National Zoning and Land Use Database
Matthew Mleczko and Matthew Desmond
Urban Studies 60(13): 2564–2584.

Income polarisation, expenditure and the Australian urban middle class
Ilan Wiesel, Julia de Bruyn, Jordy Meekes and Sangeetha Chandrashekeran
Urban Studies 60(14): 2779–2798.


These articles along with the other seven shortlisted papers are currently free to view. The full announcement can be found here.


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