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30 Aug 2021, 3:48 p.m.

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Citizens go digital: A discursive examination of digital payments in Singapore’s Smart Nation project by Gordon Kuo Siong Tan

Gordon Kuo Siong Tan's latest article unpacks the discursive practices employed in mobilising citizen support for electronic payments through a critical analysis of publicly available government materials and recent initiatives.


Delivering higher density suburban development: The impact of building design and residents’ attitudes by Pablo Navarrete-Hernandez, Alan Mace, Jacob Karlsson, Nancy Holman, Davide Alberto Zorloni

Can design positively impact the perception of densification? Navarrete-Hernandez et al run a randomised control trial with 939 Outer London residents to research residents' attitudes.


Between containment and crackdown in Geylang, Singapore: Urban crime control as the statecrafting of migrant exclusion by Joe Greener, Laura Naegler

New study by Greener and Naegler argues that spatially specific crime control practices in Geylang, Singapore, symbolically connects low-income migrants with deviance and supports citizenship exclusion.


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