Latest Urban Studies news 30/11/20

30 Nov 2020, 10:45 a.m.

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Hybrid coordination of city organisations: The rule of people and culture in the shadow of structures by Stephan Leixnering, Renate E Meyer and Tobias Polzer.

Leixnering et al's latest study explores the relationship between governance modes and applies insights from studies on the coordination of public organisations to the city context.


The representativeness of neighbourhood associations in Toronto and Vancouver by Aaron A Moore and R Michael McGregor

Findings from Moore and McGregor's new study raise important questions about the role of neighbourhood of associations in local governance. 


Racial composition and trajectories of gentrification in the United States by Zawadi Rucks-Ahidiana

Using US census data from 1970-2010, Rucks-Ahidiana finds that racial composition influences not only whether gentrification occurs, but how it occurs and whether it influences racial demographics.


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