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7 Aug 2023, 11:25 a.m.

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Operationalising social protection: Reflections from urban India Debates paper by Gautam Bhan

Drawing on a set of empirical cases from the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Bangalore, Gautam Bhan focuses on the design and operation of social protection systems in urban India.


Sector connectors, specialists and scrappers: How cities use civic capital to compete in high-technology markets by Tijs Creutzberg, Darius Ornston and David A Wolfe

How do latecomers enter high-technology markets? In three very different ways. Creutzberg et al describe how Toronto, Ottawa, and Waterloo carved out different niches as super connectors, specialists, and scrappers.

Read the accompanying blog post here.


Reimagining Urban Living Labs: Enter the Urban Drama Lab Debates paper by Cecilie Sachs Olsen and Merlijn van Hulst

Cecilie Sachs Olsen and Merlijn van Hulst introduce the Urban Drama Lab as a new manifestation of Urban Living Labs in their Open Access Debates paper.

Read the accompanying blog post here.


New book reviews on Urban Blog

Crime and Fear in Public Places book cover

Book review: Crime and Fear in Public Places: Towards Safe, Inclusive and Sustainable Cities

reviewed by Lars Marcus

"In a very useful contribution, Vania Ceccato writes a brief theoretical history of the field both in an attempt to support the diverse contributions to the present volume and as a contribution to theoretical consolidation of the field in general."

Urban Planning for Climate Change book cover

Book review: Urban Planning for Climate Change

reviewed by Eka Wulan Safriani and Yani Yani

"The main purpose of Barbara Norman writing Urban Planning for Climate Change is to provide a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in effective urban planning for climate change and to take a holistic approach to climate risks and long-term sustainable development."

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