Urban Studies Annual Lecture 2022

21st Urbanization and Grand Challenges for Global Sustainability

12 Aug 2022, 3:30 p.m.

Urban Studies Annual Lecture 2022


Urban Studies Journal is excited to announce that this year's annual lecture will be given by Professor Karen Seto (Yale University, USA) at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference. The topic is: '21st Urbanization and Grand Challenges for Global Sustainability'.



The pace and reach of contemporary urbanization are unprecedented. Every day, an area equal to about 20,000 soccer fields become converted to urban uses. Every ten days, the global urban population increases by about one million. Currently, urban areas contribute to about 67-72% of global emissions. With urban land areas expected to triple in size between 2015 and 2050, massive infrastructure build-up will result in carbon lock-in and the global share of future urban GHG emissions will increase through 2050. In this talk, I will discuss trends in urbanization and the challenges they present for global sustainability. I will present key findings from the 2022 IPCC report and other new results that document the effects of urbanization on land, biodiversity, food systems, and regional and global climate.


Date/Time: 16:50-18:30 (BST) on Tuesday 30 August 2022

Location: Herschel Building - Curtis Auditorium, Newcastle University

Session organiser: Professor Yingling Fan (University of Minnesota, USA)


Log in and bookmark our session: https://auth.oxfordabstracts.com/?redirect=virtual/event/2788/session/43649


Further details about the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference can be found on their website: https://www.rgs.org/research/annual-international-conference/programme/



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