Forthcoming Special Issues

The following Special Issues and Virtual Special Issues are currently in production and will be published in Urban Studies Journal soon.

Public Transport as Public Space

Guest Editors: Tauri Tuvikene, Wladimir Sgibnev, Wojciech Kębłowski and Jason Finch

Papers include:

On the move in the (post)colonial metropolis: The Paris Metro in Francophone African and Afrodiasporic fiction by Anna-Leena Toivanen

Public space on the move: Mediating mobility, stillness and encounter on a Cape Town bus by Bradley Rink

A bus as a compressed public space: Everyday multiculturalism in Milan by Martina Bovo, Paola Briata and Massimo Bricocoli

Naming public transport and historicising experiences: Critical toponymies and everyday multilingualism in Singapore’s mass rapid transit system by Shaun Tyan Gin Lim, Francesco Perono Cacciafoco

‘The gates of paradise are open’: Contesting and producing publicness in the Brussels metro through fare evasion by Louise Sträuli and Wojciech Kębłowski

Distractions in a disruption: The soothing effect of the heritage bus ride during London Tube strikes by Kevin KH Tsang

Transport reforms and its missing publics: Insights from marshrutka abolishment and transport ‘modernisation’ policies prior to FIFA World Cup 2018 in Volgograd, Russian Federation by Tonio Weicker

Urban mobility infrastructures as public spaces: The uses of Sé subway station in downtown São Paulo by Cristiana Martin

A transport of one’s own: Women in contemporary Mexico City’s public transport through the lens of photojournalism by Teresa Franco

A contingent publicness: Entanglements on buses by Yogi Joseph and Govind Gopakumar

Small arrangements with self and others: A visual study of the everyday ordinary on Paris’s A trai by Sandrine Wenglenski


Radical Verticality: Critical explorations of high-rise urbanism

Guest Editors: Casper Laing Ebbensgaard, Michal Murawski, Saffron Woodcraft and Katherine Zubovich

Papers include:

Light violence at the threshold of acceptability by Casper Laing Ebbensgaard

Towards weird verticality: The spectacle of vertical spaces in Chongqing by Asa Roast

‘Fall girl’: Vertical evacuation and the aesthetics of emergency by Peter Adey

Everyday verticality: Migrant experiences of high-rise living in Santiago, Chile by Megan Sheehan

Verticalities in comparison: Debates on high-rise construction in Izmir and Istanbul by Anlam Filiz

Mumbai’s differential verticalisation: The dialectic of sovereign and technical planning rationalities by Himanshu Burte


Long-Term Intergenerational Perspectives on Urban Sustainability Transitions

Guest Editors: Scott Hawken, Christian Isendahl, Keir Strickland and Stephan Barthel

Papers include:

Mesoamerican urbanism: Indigenous institutions, infrastructure, and resilience by David M Carballo, Gary M Feinman and Aurelio López Corral

Long-term trends in settlement persistence in Southwest Asia: Implications for sustainable urbanism, past, present and future by Dan Lawrence, Michelle W de Gruchy, Israel Hinojosa-Baliño and Abdulameer Al-Hamdani

Underground urbanism in Africa: Splintered subterranean space in Lagos, Nigeria by Abidemi Agwor, Maria de Lourdes Melo Zurita and Paul G Munro


Heat and the City: Thermal Control, Governance and Health in Urban Asia

Guest Editors: Gregory Clancey, Jiat-Hwee Chang and Simon Marvin

Papers include:

Heat, cold and climatic determinism in China’s urban epidemics by Liz PY Chee, Dongxin Zou and Gregory Clancey

Unequal and unjust: The political ecology of Bangkok’s increasing urban heat island by Danny Marks and John Connell

Urban energy landscape in practice: Architecture, infrastructure and the material culture of cooling in post-reform Chongqing, China by Madlen Kobi

The birth of cool: Heat and air-conditioning in the history of Wuhan, 1950–2020 by Chris Courtney

Scale and modularity in thermal governance: The replication of India’s heat action plans by Aalok Khandekar, Jamie Cross and Anant Maringanti

Hot climates in urban South Asia: Negotiating the right to and the politics of shade at the everyday scale in Karachi by Soha Macktoom, Nausheen H Anwar and Jamie Cross


The New Private Urban Governance: Vestiges, Ventures, and Visibility

Guest Editors: Randy K Lippert, Debra Mackinnon and Stefan Treffers

Making power visible: Business improvement districts and creative placemaking in Washington, DC by Susanna F. Schaller, Aaron Howe, Coy McKinney and Sarah Shoenfeld

Libertecture: A catalogue of libertarian spaces by Rowland Atkinson and Liam O’Farrell


Infrastructures as urban solutions? Critical perspectives on transformative socio-technical change

Guest Editors: Jochen Monstadt, Jonathan Rutherford and Olivier Coutard


Digitalization, Neighborhood Change and Urban Social Processes

Guest Editors: George Galster and Jan Üblacker        


Global corporate landlords and tenant struggles

Guest Editors: Lorenzo Vidal, Javier Gil and Miguel A Martinez


Authoritarian Neoliberal and Illiberal Urbanisms: Towards a Research Agenda

Guest Editors: Gareth Fearn, Güldem Özatağan and Ayda Eraydın


Infrastructural Encounters: Disability in Urban Lives

Guest Editors: Daniel Muñoz, Jamie Arathoon and Jennie Middleton


Manufacturing the Urban: Manufactured Housing and Manufactured Home Parks

Guest Editors: Zachary Lamb, Esther Sullivan and Andrew Rumbach


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