Forthcoming Special Issues

The following Special Issues and Virtual Special Issues are currently in production and will be published in Urban Studies Journal soon.



Making Cities through Migration Industries

Guest Editors: Nir Cohen, Tatiana Fogelman and Henrik Lebuhn

Papers include:

An enclave entrepôt: The informal migration industry and Johannesburg’s socio-spatial transformation by Tanya Zack and Loren B Landau

The interurban migration industry: ‘Migration products’ and the materialisation of urban speculation at Iskandar Malaysia by Sin Yee Koh

Internal migration industries: Shaping the housing options for refugees at the local level by Matthias Bernt, Ulrike Hamann, Nihad El-Kayed and Leoni Keskinkilic

Making ways for ‘better education’: placing the Shenzhen-Hong Kong mobility industry by Maggi WH Leung and Johanna L Waters

Resonance beyond regimes: Migrant’s alternative infrastructuring practices in Athens by Mirjam Wajsberg and Joris Schapendonk

Urban ethnic enclaves and migration industries: The urban choices of mobile people by Hila Zaban

Recruiting international students: Analysing the imaginative geographies of three urban encounters by Suzanne E. Beech

‘Unpleasant’ but ‘helpful’: Immigration detention and urban entanglements in New Jersey, USA by Deirdre Conlon and Nancy Hiemstra

Translating the nation through the sustainable, liveable city: The role of social media intermediaries in immigrant integration in Copenhagen by Tatiana Fogelman and Julia Christensen

From global city makers to global city-shapers: Migration industries in the global city networks by Sakura Yamamura


Comparative Methods for Global Urban Studies

Guest Editor: Jennifer Robinson

Papers include:

Introduction: Generating concepts of ‘the urban’ through comparative practice by Jennifer Robinson

A Posteriori Comparisons, Repeated Instances and Urban Policy Mobilities: What ‘Best Practices’ Leave Behind by Sergio Montero and Gianpaolo Baiocchi

Socialist worldmaking: The political economy of urban comparison in the Global Cold War by Łukasz Stanek

Comparison and political strategy: Internationalism, colonial rule and urban research after Fanon by Stefan Kipfer

Shared projects and symbiotic collaborations: Shenzhen and London in comparative conversation by Shaun SK Teo

De-colonising the right to housing, one new city at a time: Seeing housing development from Palestine/Israel by Oded Haas

Disassembling connections: A comparative analysis of the politics of slum upgrading in eThekwini and São Paulo by Camila Saraiva

Beyond variegation: The territorialisation of states, communities and developers in large-scale developments in Johannesburg, Shanghai and London by Jennifer Robinson, Fulong Wu, Phil Harrison, Zheng Wang, Alison Todes, Romain Dittgen and Katia Attuyer

Infrastructure-led development and the peri-urban question: Furthering crossover comparisons by J Miguel Kanai and Seth Schindler

Speculating on land, property and peri/urban futures: A conjunctural approach to intra-metropolitan comparison by Helga Leitner and Eric Sheppard

An experiment with the minor geographies of major cities: Infrastructural relations among the fragments by Niranjana R

A more global urban studies, besides empirical variation by Julie Ren

Tracing as comparative method by Astrid Wood

Constructing comparisons: Reflecting on the experimental nature of new comparative tactics by Frances Brill


Migrant-led Diversification and Differential Inclusion in Arrival Cities

across Asia

Guest Editors: Junjia Ye and Brenda Yeoh

Bodies of transnational island urbanism: Spatial narratives of inclusion/exclusion of Filipinas in Philippine islands by Arnisson Andre C Ortega

Bridging home and school in cross-border education: The role of intermediary spaces in the in/exclusion of Mainland Chinese students and their families in Hong Kong by Maggi WH Leung and Johanna L Waters.

Migrant worker recreational centres, accidental diversities and new relationalities in Singapore by Daniel PS Goh and Andrew Lee


Radical Verticality: Critical explorations of high-rise urbanism

Guest Editors: Casper Laing Ebbensgaard, Michal Murawski,
Saffron Woodcraft and
Katherine Zubovich

Papers include:

Light violence at the threshold of acceptability by Casper Laing Ebbensgaard


Public Transport as Public Space

Guest Editors: Tauri Tuvikene, Wladimir Sgibnev, Wojciech Kębłowski and Jason Finch

Papers include:

On the move in the (post)colonial metropolis: The Paris Metro in Francophone African and Afrodiasporic fiction by Anna-Leena Toivanen

Public space on the move: Mediating mobility, stillness and encounter on a Cape Town bus by Bradley Rink


Municipalist strategy in crisis?

Guest Editors: Matthew Thompson, Bertie Russell and Laura Roth

New institutions and the politics of the interstices. Experimenting with a face-to-face democracy in Naples by Mauro Pinto, Luca Recano and Ugo Rossi

From the streets to the town halls: Municipalist platforms in the post-Yugoslav space by Chiara Milan


Urbanizing degrowth: towards a radical spatial degrowth agenda for future cities

Guest Editors: Maria Kaika, Angelos Varvarousis, Hug March and
Federico Demaria


Long-Term Intergenerational Perspectives on Urban Sustainability Transitions

Guest Editors: Scott Hawken, Christian Isendahl, Keir Strickland
and Stephan Barthel


Heat and the City: Thermal Control, Governance and Health in Urban Asia

Guest Editors: Gregory Clancey, Jiat-Hwee Chang and Simon Marvin




Urban Public Health Emergencies and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Guest Editors: Scott Orford, Phil Hubbard and Yingling Fan

Papers include:

Beyond growth and density: Recentring the demographic drivers of urban health and risk in the global south by James Duminy

Repopulating density: COVID-19 and the politics of urban value by Colin McFarlane

Cities in a post-COVID world by Richard Florida, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Michael Storper

Urban rhythms in a small home: COVID-19 as a mechanism of exception by Jenny Preece, Kim McKee, David Robinson and John Flint

Spatial and social disparities in the decline of activities during the COVID-19 lockdown in Greater London by Terje Trasberg and James Cheshire

Cities and infectious diseases: Assessing the exposure of pedestrians to virus transmission along city streets by Achilleas Psyllidis, Fábio Duarte, Roos Teeuwen, Arianna Salazar Miranda, Tom Benson and Alessandro Bozzon

Locked down by inequality: Older people and the COVID-19 pandemic by Tine Buffel, Sophie Yarker, Chris Phillipson, Luciana Lang, Camilla Lewis, Patty Doran and Mhorag Goff

Spatialising urban health vulnerability: An analysisof NYC’s critical infrastructure during COVID-19 by Gayatri Kawlra and Kazuki Sakamoto

Informal settlements, Covid-19 and sex workers in Kenya by Rahma Hassan, Teela Sanders, Susan Gichuna, Rosie Campbell, Mercy Mutonyi and Peninah Mwangi

Governing public health emergencies during the coronavirus disease outbreak: Lessons from four Chinese cities in the first wave by Lingyue Li, Surong Zhang, Jinfeng Wang, Xiaoming Yang and Lan Wang

The impact of ethnic segregation on neighbourhood-level social distancing in the United States amid the early outbreak of COVID-19 by Wei Zhai, Xinyu Fu, Mengyang Liu and Zhong-Ren Peng

The city and the virus by Max Nathan

New urban habits in Stockholm following COVID-19 by Ann Legeby, Daniel Koch, Fábio Duarte, Cate Heine, Tom Benson, Umberto Fugiglando and Carlo Ratti

Urban epidemic governance: An event system analysis of the outbreak and control of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China by Jinliao He and Yuan Zhang

Towards a constructed order of co-governance: Understanding the state–society dynamics of neighbourhood collaborative responses to COVID-19 in urban China by Zhilin Liu, Sainan Lin, Tingting Lu, Yue Shen and Sisi Liang

Social pathologies and urban pathogenicity: Moving towards better pandemic futures by Tankut Atuk and Susan L Craddock

Population density and SARS-CoV-2 pandemic: Comparing the geography of different waves in the Netherland by Willem Boterman


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