Urban Studies Chinese Translations

Urban Studies Chinese Translations


First Published:

06 Jun 2017, 12:00 am

Urban Studies Chinese Translations

Over recent years, the surge in interest in urban China studies has manifest in a phenomenal surge in submissions to the Urban Studies journal, from scholars based in China and elsewhere. To this end and with the intention of facilitating dialogue, Urban Studies has determined to launch a new set of resources. From June of this year, Urban Studies will publish all article abstracts in Chinese. It will also provide a full translation of selected articles. Alongside these initiatives, Urban Studies will produce a range of web-based resources, in Chinese and in English. These will span guidance on writing articles with the capacity to engage in global urban studies debates and the identification of research phenomena requiring further interrogation.

Read the full Chinese version of the Editoral above here.

We have translated the following articles into Chinese:

Transatlantic city, part 1: Conjunctural urbanism
Jamie Peck
Read the Chinese abstract here

Gentrification on the planetary urban frontier: The evolution of Turner’s noösphere 

Elvin Wyly

Read the Chinese version here

From an emerging market to a multifaceted urban society: Urban China studies
Shenjing He, Junxi Qian

Read the Chinese version here