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Ronan Paddison, Former Editor-in-Chief

Ronan Paddison talks to us about the aims and scope of the journal, its development and future direction.


Best Article 2017 - Dr Evert Meijers and Dr Martijn Burger

The editors are pleased to announce that Dr Evert Meijers, Delft University of Technology, and Dr Martijn Burger, Erasmus University Rotterdam, are the winners of the Urban Studies Best Article 2017 for their article, Stretching the concept of ‘borrowed size’. All eight shortlisted articles are available open access here.


The 2017 Urban Studies Annual Lecture,  Professor Lily Kong & Orlando Woods

Professor Lily Kong presents the 2017 Urban Studies Annual Lecture "The Ideological Alignment of Smart Urbanism In Singapore: Critical Reflections on a Political Paradox"


Professor Zhigang Li, Wuhan University

Professor Zhigang Li from Wuhan University discusses social spatial transformation of Chinese space


Professor Jiawen Yang, Peking University 

Professor Jiawen Yang from Peking University discusses transportation issues in urban China


Professor Sun Sheng Han, University of Melbourne

Professor Sun Sheng Han at the University of Melbourne discusses economic and institutional restructuring in urban China


Professor Jie Chen, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Professor Jie Chen from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics discusses the issues of rapid urbanisation in China


Professor You Tien Hsing, University of California 

Professor You Tien Hsing from the University of California, Berkeley discusses the great urban transformation in China


Cecilia Wong, University of Manchester

Professor Wong from the University of Manchester discusses the importance of data driven research in this series on the future direction of urban studies in China


Junxi Qian, University of Hong Kong

Professor Junxi Qian from the University of Hong Kong discusses the social and cultural transformation of Urban China


Anthony Yeh, University of Hong Kong

Professor Yeh discusses population growth and the Mega-city


Jennifer Robinson, University College London

Professor Robinson discusses the future of urban studies research in the next video in this series on the future direction of urban studies in China


Fulong Wu of University College London

Professor Fulong Wu, University College London discusses publishing Urban China Research in USJ


Ya Ping Wang, University of Glasgow

Professor Ya Ping Wang from the University of Glasgow discusses Chinese cities, sustainability and housing issues.



Chris Hamnett, King’s College London

Professor Hamnett discusses the phenomena of China’s urban experience in our latest video in the series.


John Logan, Brown University

Professor Logan discusses how the field of urbans studies in China has developed over the years in our fifth instalment in this series on the future direction of urban studies in China.


Donggen Wang, Hong Kong Baptist University

In the 4th video from this series on the Future Direction for Urban Studies in China, Professor Donggen Wang discusses his research on travel behaviour and the built environment in China.


Canfei He, Peking University

In the 3rd video from this fascinating series on Future Directions for Urban Studies in China, Professor Canfei He discusses the impact of industrialisation and air pollution in China.


Jiang Xu, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Professor Jiang Xu discusses the the future of urban studies and planning in China in our second instalment in this series of videos on Future Directions for Urban Studies in China


Shenjing He

Shenjing introduces and discusses Future Directions for Urban Studies in China.


David Adams

David discusses his article "Walking with the Ghosts of the Past: Unearthing the Value of Residents’ Urban Nostalgias", co-authored with Peter Larkham.  The article was one of five articles shortlisted for the Urban Studies Journal's Best Article for 2016. 


Best Article 2016 - Michael Storper

Michael discusses his article "Current debates in urban theory: A critical assessment", co-authored with Allen Scott.  The article is Urban Studies Journal's Best Article for 2016.


Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference, London, 30th August to 2nd September 2016.

Author meets critics session: Planetary Gentrification (Loretta Lees, Hyun Bang Shin and Ernesto López-Morales)


2016 AAG

In 2016 the Urban Studies AAG lecture Transatlantic City was delivered by Jamie Peck and was chaired by Andrew Cumbers.


Reinventing public Spaces post January Revolution Cairo

Professor Mona Abaza from the Department of Sociology, Anthropology Psychology, and Egyptology at the American University in Cairo discusses her paper at the Public Lecture hosted by Urban Studies Journal at the University of Glasgow.


Antecedent cities

Dr Tim Bunnell of the National University of Singapore discusses his article “Antecedent cities and inter-referencing effects: learning from and extending beyond critiques of neoliberalisation” [Urban Studies 52(11)] which was voted by the Editors as the Urban Studies Journal Best Article for 2015.


Globalization as Reterritorialization: The Re-scaling of Urban Governance in the European Union

In 2013, to mark 50 years of Urban Studies, the Editors put together a Virtual Special Issue, bringing together articles from across the years. Fifteen articles were selected: the five most downloaded; the five most cited; and the five most important published prior to 1990 (as collectively decided by the Editors). These articles were made freely accessible on the Journal's website for six months during 2013 and readers were invited to vote for their three favourite articles.You can read the full article here.

Neil Brenner's article, "Globalization as Reterritorialization: The Re-scaling of Urban Governance in the European Union", was the clear favourite, with by far the most votes cast. The article, published in March 1999 (Volume 36/3), is one of Urban Studies' most highly cited articles.



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