Call for papers: 'Culture in Urban Space: Urban Form, Cultural Landscapes, Life in the City'

10th Aug 2018

Call for papers: 'Culture in Urban Space: Urban Form, Cultural Landscapes, Life in the City'

8-12 April 2019, Macau


This international, interdisciplinary conference explores the mutual influence of urban culture and urban form.


Theme: The city cannot be understood in terms of its buildings, infrastructure, and physical geography alone. Urban materiality is inextricably linked with city life: Urban spaces are influenced by the cultures that inhabit them, and urban form shapes these cultures in turn. This conference brings together researchers, planners, designers, and architects from around the globe to explore the mutual influence of urban culture and urban form.

Impacts of past urban planning reverberate long after original rationales have become obsolete: Fortifications (walls, moats, fortresses), coastlines and land reclamation, transport infrastructure (roads, bridges, city gates), and other elements of the built environment structure future development. Aspects of urban form contribute to dividing the city into neighbourhoods, determining which areas flourish while others decay, encouraging shifts from industrial to tourism to leisure uses. The city’s architectures affect the cultures of the people who use them: Different kinds of housing foster different forms of sociality or isolation, and different networked infrastructures promote different pathways to the internal cohesion and/or citywide integration of urban cultures. Whether urban cultural landscapes evolve gradually over time or result from decisive, top-down planning, they reflect and influence the city’s multitude of identities, industries, cultural politics, ethnic relations, and expressive cultures.


About the conference: 'Culture in Urban Space' allows delegates to contextualise knowledge and engage with the local community. On 8-10 April, delegates will explore the morphological and cultural distinctions of Macau Peninsula, visiting diverse neighbourhoods across the city, with an emphasis on the ways in which the urban environment has transformed over the centuries. Delegates will experience Macau’s functionally diverse yet hyperdense urban environment through three days of walking-based field trips, including visits to tourist gateways, religious sites, heritage tourism zones, and residential neighbourhoods, and casino zones, and commercial areas. Conference presentations will take place at Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 on 11-12 April.


Keynote speakers: Yiping Li (Guangzhou University), Timothy A. Simpson (University of Macao), & Ping Su (Sun Yat-sen University)


Proposing a presentation: Please visit the conference web page to propose a presentation. The deadline for abstracts is 15 September 2018.


For more information, please contact convenor Adam Grydehøj: [email protected].


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