Call for papers for Forthcoming Workshop with IPPA...

30th Nov 2017

This is a call for papers for the forthcoming workshop: ‘Towards an urban policy analysis: Linking urban politics and public policy’ (workshop 15) at the International Public Policy Association (IPPA).

We want to stimulate research that studies urban policies and urban policy processes by taking into account urban politics and public policy literature across disciplines. Comparative studies and cross-national studies are welcome. We hope for a multidisciplinary set of papers and research on cities from many world regions. The workshop will take place in Pittsburgh, from 26th-28th June 2018 at the inaugural International Public Policy Association (IPPA) workshops. The deadline for proposal submission is 30th January 2018. Please follow the instructions on the IPPA site. We look forward to many interesting abstracts. Please contact us if you have any questions. Kind regards, Mara Sidney – [email protected] and David Kaufmann – [email protected]

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