Latest Updates on Urban Studies 24/06/19

24 Jun 2019, 8:57 a.m.

Urban Studies Best Article 2018

The editors are pleased to announce that three of the six shortlisted papers have been selected as joint winners of the Urban Studies Best Article for 2018. Congratulations to:

You can view the accompanying vodcast for Mind the gaps! A research agenda for urban interstices by Nicholas Phelps and Cristian Silva here.

These articles along with the other shortlisted papers are available free to view on the Journal’s website.


Latest articles on OnlineFirst

Who is the ‘smart’ resident in the digital age? The varied profiles of users and non-users in the contemporary city by Tali Hatuka and Hadas Zur

Hatuka and Zur study the digitised services provided by Tel Aviv City and the use of the celebrated project Digi-Tel: a digital card that offers the inhabitants of the city services, discounts, targeted information and benefits around the city.

Read the blog here.

Ancient and current resilience in the Chengdu Plain: Agropolitan development re-‘revisited’ by Daniel B Abramson

This article is part of the forthcoming Special Issue: Environmental governance for urban resilience in the Asia-Pacific

Abramson suggests that the notion of agropolitanism, reinvigorated by the concept of resilience, provides an historically comparative way to relate local agro-ecologies to global urbanisation and the expansion of particular cities.



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