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10 Aug 2020, 2 p.m.

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Proximity and the evolving knowledge polycentricity of megalopolitan science: Evidence from China’s Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, 1990–2016 by Haitao Ma, Yingcheng Li, Xiaodong Huang

New study from Ma et al focuses on measuring and explaining the evolving knowledge polycentricity of the science system of China's Greater Bay Area 1990-2016.


Unpacking the new urban food agenda: The changing dynamics of global governance in the urban age by Roberta Sonnino, Helen Coulson

What ‘kind’ of urban age food politics are being promoted, by whom and for whom in the international political milieu of the ‘post-Quito’ development discourse? 


Does demand lead supply? Gentrifiers and developers in the sequence of gentrification, New York City 2009–2016 by Kasey Zapatka, Brenden Beck 

Do gentrifiers precede rising home values or do rising home values precede gentrifiers? 


From advocacy to acceptance: Social media discussions of protected bike lane installations by Colin Ferster, Karen Laberee, Trisalyn Nelson, Calvin Thigpen, Michael Simeone, Meghan Winters

Results from latest study by Ferster et al suggests there may be a cycle of attitudinal change towards bicycling infrastructure.

Read the accompanying blog post here.


Housing affordability sets us apart: The effect of rising housing prices on relocation behaviour by Tim Winke

Does demand lead supply? New study on the sequence of gentrification in New York City (2009-2016).


Complementary policies for multidimensional problems: Does the low-income housing tax credit complement homeless services in the USA? by Saerim Kim, Andrew A Sullivan

Does the low-income housing tax credit complement homeless services in the United States?


The changing social structure of global cities: Professionalisation, proletarianisation or polarisation by Chris Hamnett

How has the occupational structure of major world cities changed in recent decades? 


‘Near miss’ housing market response to the 2012 northern Italy earthquake: The role of housing quality and risk perception by Marco Modica, Roberto Zoboli, Fabrizio Meroni, Vera Pessina, Thea Squarcina, Mario Locati

Latest paper from Modica et al examines the housing market response to the earthquake that hit Northern Italy in May 2012.


Extended urbanisation and the agrarian question: Convergences, divergences and openings by Swarnabh Ghosh, Ayan Meer

New Debates Paper brings the concept of extended urbanisation into conversation with related concepts from critical agrarian studies.


New reviews on Urban Blog

The Address Book cover

Book review: The Address Book. What Street Addresses Reveal About Identity, Race, Wealth, and Power

by Deirdre Mask and reviewed by Richard Harris

 "In each chapter, Mask draws us in: she knows and cares about her subject, she is a lively writer and she can often speak from experience. This is the sort of book that could be recommended to anyone..."

Read more book reviews on the Urban Studies blog.



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