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18 Dec 2023, 9:23 a.m.

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Differentiated grassroots: Navigating sustainability transitions in conservative political contexts by Ali Adil

With particular reference to conservative political contexts, this article by Ali Adil presents a comparative case study of GECs arising amidst uneven socio-spatial circumstances.


Belling the cat: Designing collective action institutions for natural resource management in the peri-urban interface critical commentary by Vishal Narain and Pranay Ranjan

Pranay Ranjan and Vishal Narain find that less is known about the role of organic institutions in enabling collective action around natural resource management in peri-urban spaces, even though their understanding is key for efforts at building effective pragmatic institutions.


Analysing a private city being built from scratch through a social and environmental justice framework: A research agenda by Sarah Moser and Nufar Avni

New open access study by Sarah Moser and Nufar Avni examines Forest City, a private city project being built on artificial islands off the coast of Malaysia by one of China’s largest property development companies, and its unique governance and claims to being ‘eco’, despite the significant environmental damage it has caused. 


Race and perceptions of revitalisation in the ‘District of Gentrification’ by Michael Leo Owens, Arica Schuett, Nyron N. Crawford and Andrea Benjamin

In this article Michael Leo Owens et al observe and emphasise how race, over time, is consistently associated with opinion divergence about gentrification, including perceptions of its inequalities and consequences.


Urban development and long-term flood risk and resilience: Experiences over time and across cultures. Cases from Asia, North America, Europe and Australia by Duncan C Keenan-Jones, Anna Serra-Llobet, Hongming He and G Mathias Kondolf

This open access article is part of the forthcoming Special Issue: Long-Term Intergenerational Perspectives on Urban: Sustainability Transitions.

Duncan C Keenan-Jones et al use historical case studies of colonial societies in ancient Rome, as well as on the Yangtze, Mississippi, and Brisbane rivers, to show the deep roots of many contemporary flood risk issues.


‘Volviendo a Vivir’ (coming back to life): Urban trauma, activism and building emancipatory futures by Sonja Marzi and Rachel Pain

Latest open access study from Sonja Marzi and Rachel Pain draws on participatory action research undertaken with women in the Colombian cities of Bogotá and Medellín.


How land use patterns keep driving cheap: Geographic support for transportation taxes by Adam Millard-Ball and Purva Kapshikar

Taxes on driving are a hard political sell, but apparently less so in dense neighborhoods with good public transit. Adam Millard-Ball and Purva Kapshikar use precinct-level data from two California referenda to show that land use planning makes pricing more feasible in this open access article.

Read the accompanying blog post here



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