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20 Sep 2022, 10:42 a.m.

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The green gentrification cycle Critical Comentary by Alessandro Rigolon and Timothy Collins

In their latest Critical Comentary, Rigolon and Collins present a research agenda on the green gentrification cycle.


Saffron geographies of exclusion: The Disturbed Areas Act of Gujarat by Sheba Tejani

"...saffron geographies of exclusion are grids of Hinduised spaces cleansed of Muslim presence that embody the ascendancy of the ideology of Hindutva over the city and simultaneously create Muslim ghettos."


Do ethnic integration policies also improve socio-economic integration? A study of residential segregation in Singapore by Shin Bin Tan

Findings from Shin Bin Tan's new paper highlight the need for greater attentiveness to the impact of residential integration policies on both socio-economic and ethnic segregation.

Read the accompanying blog post here.


Fabrication of space: The design of everyday life in South Korean Songdo by Dominik Bartmanski, Seonju Kim, Martina Löw, Timothy Pape and Jörg Stollmann 

"Constructed from scratch on land reclaimed from the sea, Songdo was planned to embody new ‘smart city’ life. In reality, it has come to exemplify enclave urbanism that commodifies securitised living for upwardly mobile middle classes."


Planning for social distancing: How the legacy of historical epidemics shaped COVID-19's spread in Madrid by Noel A Manzano Gómez

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Urban Public Health Emergencies and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Noel Manzano Gómez considers how early 20th century epidemics triggered the development of several urban regulations that profoundly shaped Madrid's future.


The housing market reaction to the combustible cladding crisis: Safety or financial concerns? by Daniel Melser

Latest study from Daniel Melser examines the effect on Melbourne prices, rents, and transactions of urban fires from 2005 to mid-2019.


Counter-logistics and municipalism: Popular infrastructures during the pandemic in Rosario by Leandro Minuchin and Julieta Maino

This article is part of the forthcoming special issue: Municipalist strategy in crisis?

New special issue paper from Minuchin and Maino frames the integration of counter-logistical expressions as an emerging form of municipalism. 


New reviews on Urban Blog

Managing Cities at Night book cover

Book Review: Managing Cities at Night. A Practitioner Guide to the Urban Governance of the Night-Time Economy

reviewed by Alessio Kolioulis

"Managing Cities at Night is a practitioner’s guide for night-time officials and advocates, and a research agenda for scholars studying the urban governance of the night-time economy.”

Bulls Markets book cover

Book Review: Bulls Markets: Chicago’s Basketball Business and the New Inequality

reviewed by Glenn Houlihan

Bulls Markets, an urban and economic history of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Chicago Bulls, goes beyond existing scholarship that acknowledges publicly subsidised sports facilities are poor engines of economic growth.”

Stitching the 24-Hour City book cover

Book review: Stitching the 24-Hour City: Life, Labor, and the Problem of Speed in Seoul

reviewed by Laam Hae

Stitching the 24-Hour City: Life, Labor, and the Problem of Speed in Seoul, by Seo Young Park, weaves together stories of people in Dongdaemun’s fast fashion industry. The interlocutors in the book include seamstresses (mostly female), designers, wholesalers, retailers and labour activists. Engaging thoughtfully with these stories, Park reveals the dense texture of intimacy, affect and passion that run through these interlocutors’ lives, which illuminates the entangled time–space matrix of garment labour and the city.

Read more book reviews on the Urban Studies blog.


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