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4th Mar 2019

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‘I call it the dark side’: Stigma, social capital and social networks in a disadvantaged neighbourhood by Julia Verdouw and Kathleen Flanagan

Verdouw and Flanagan extend Wacquant’s concept of ‘territorial stigmatisation’ empirically with a social and spatial analysis of relational ties and stigma in a disadvantaged neighbourhood in Tasmania, Australia.


Water governance in decentralising urban Indonesia by Paramita Rahayu, Johan Woltjer and Tommy Firman

New analysis of urban water governance in Indonesia points to the need to establish greater opportunities for water governance at the regional level to transcend inter-local rivalry, and thus improve decentralised institutional capacity further.


Smart urbanism? ICTs for water and electricity supply in Nairobi by Prince K Guma

This article is part of the forthcoming Special issue: Interfacing infrastructure in cities:Politics and spatialities of the urban nexus

Guma examines how ICT deployments for urban water and electricity supply shape and are shaped by Nairobi’s urban context: while framed along narratives of spatial justice, “pro-poor” deployments serve market-led priorities for utility providers.


Visualising sustainability at the Olympics by John Lauermann

This article is part of the forthcoming Special issue: Why does everyone think cities can save the planet?

Lauermann explores how geovisualisations strategically link urban planning interventions to global-urban environmental policy debates through a case study of sustainability design proposed in Olympic cities. 


Urban structures, population density and municipal expenditures: An empirical study in the Czech Republic by Tomáš Hudeček, Pavel Hnilička, Martin Dlouhý, Lucie Leňo Cutáková and Michal Leňo

New article investigates the relationship between the type of urban spatial structure, population density, and the selected types of capital and current municipal expenditures in Prague.


Urban and school segregation in Paris: The complexity of contextual effects on school achievement: The case of middle schools in the Paris metropolitan area by Marco Oberti, Yannick Savina

This article is part of the forthcoming Special issue: School segregation in contemporary cities: Socio-spatial dynamics and urban outcomes

New article on school segregation in the Paris metropolitan area raises methodological and political concerns to argue for an intersectional approach that combines the study of school segregation with that of its urban context.


Hispanic neighbourhood satisfaction in new and established metropolitan destinations by Noli Brazil

Study unpacks the role of neighbourhood social capital in experiences of native- and foreign-born Hispanics: Hispanics in new destinations report higher satisfaction levels than those living in established destinations and new destination white residents.


Stratified and defensive planning democracy: Hearings on objections to plans in nine Israeli cities by Talia Margalit, Adriana Kemp

New article contributes to the debate on inclusion and democracy in planning by
comparing the answers given by five Israeli district committees to objections to planning proposals in nine cities and analysing their discourse in terms of socio-spatial inequality.


Latest urban news

City, Essay, Film — Call for Contributions 

UCL Urban Laboratory calls for contributions to an interdisciplinary symposium on the urban essay film hosted on Friday 7 June, as part of the UCL Festival of CultureAbstract deadline: Friday 5th April 2019. Further details are available on the website: 


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