The December issue of Urban Studies is now available online

1st Dec 2017

Volume: 54, Issue: 16 (December 2017) now available online



Mapping urban networks through inter-firm service relationships: The case of China by Fenghua Pan, Wenkai Bi, James Lenzer and Simon Zhao. Urban Studies, Vol. 54, Issue 16, pp. 3639 - 3654

Churn and change along commercial strips: Spatial analysis of patterns in remodelling activity and landscapes of local business by Jennifer S Minner and Xiao Shi. Urban Studies, Vol. 54, Issue 16, pp. 3655 - 3680

Is something better than nothing? The impact of foreclosed and lease-purchase properties on residential property values by Youngme Seo and Michael Craw. Urban Studies, Vol. 54, Issue 16, pp. 3681 - 3699. 

Individual-, household- and neighbourhood-level characteristics associated with life satisfaction: A multilevel analysis of a population-based sample from Hong Kong by Chia-Yueh Hsu, Shu-Sen Chang and Paul Yip. Urban Studies, Vol. 54, Issue 16, pp. 3700 - 3717

Exploring residential mobility in Chinese cities: An empirical analysis of Guangzhou by Si-ming Li and Sanqin Mao. Urban Studies, Vol. 54, Issue 16, pp. 3718 - 3737

Spatial variations in personal insolvency choices: The role of stigma and social capital by Paul Bishop. Urban Studies, Vol. 54, Issue 16, pp. 3738 - 3754

Dealing with disturbances: Intervention and adaptation in Finnish neighbourhoods by Antti Kouvo and Risto Haverinen. Urban Studies, Vol. 54, Issue 16, pp. 3755 - 3771

Community leadership and engagement after the mix: The transformation of Toronto’s Regent Park by Shauna Brail and Nishi Kumar. Urban Studies, Vol. 54, Issue 16, pp. 3772 - 3788

The double bind of social innovation: Relational dynamics of change and resistance in neighbourhood governance by Koen Bartels. Urban Studies, Vol. 54, Issue 16, pp. 3789 - 3805

From protest to collaboration: The evolution of the community movements amid sociopolitical transformation in South Korea by Sangmin Kim. Urban Studies, Vol. 54, Issue 16, pp. 3806 - 3825

The UK community anchor model and its challenges for community sector theory and practice by James Henderson and Christopher McWilliams. Urban Studies, Vol. 54, Issue 16, pp. 3826 - 3842

Can new urbanism infill development contribute to social sustainability? The case of Orlando, Florida by Jeongseob Kim and Kristin Larsen. Urban Studies, Vol. 54, Issue 16, pp. 3843 - 3862

Book review: Global Heartland: Displaced Labor, Transnational Lives, and Local Placemaking by Rachel Brahinsky. Urban Studies, Vol 54, Issue 16, pp. 3863 - 3867


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