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25th Mar 2019

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Reinforcing uneven development: The financialisation of Brazilian urban redevelopment projects Policy review by Mayra Mosciaro and Alvaro Pereira

In this policy review Mosciaro and Pereira interrogate Urban Operations in Brazil: a planning tool, developed in the 1990s, to facilitate cooperation between public and private actors in the production of new urban spaces.


Not so welcome here? Modelling the impact of ethnic in-movers on the length of stay of home-owners in micro-neighbourhoods by Sue Easton and Gwilym Pryce

Pryce and Easton consider the length of stay of home-owners with white British names in the 40% most deprived areas of Glasgow by estimating the impact of ethnically ‘other’ inflows through property purchases at the micro neighbourhood level.


Four types of urban austerity: Public land privatisations in French and Italian cities by Félix Adisson and Francesca Artioli

How do similar national public land austerity policies result in diverse urban outcomes?  Adisson and Artioli develop an analytical model that tackles this question using the intergovernmental system and local policy capacity to explain local patterns of austerity.

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What does poverty feel like? Urban inequality and the politics of sensation by Rivke Jaffe, Eveline Dürr, Gareth A Jones, Alessandro Angelini, Alana Osbourne and Barbara Vodopivec

What embodied experiences do tourists and residents associate with urban poverty? Drawing on collaborative research in Kingston, Mexico City, New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro, this article explores how tours offer tourists a sense of what poverty feels like.


Do gentrifying neighbourhoods have less community? Evidence from Philadelphia by Joseph Gibbons, Michael S Barton and Timothy T Reling

Gibbons, Barton and Reling investigate how an individual’s sense of connection to neighbourhood community, as measured by trust, belongingness, and sense of cooperation, was influenced by their residence in a gentrifying neighbourhood.

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Latest urban news

Urban Fellows Programme 2019-20 

The Indian Institute for Human Settlements has launched the Urban Fellows Programme (UFP) 2019-20. Applications are open now and close on 18 April 2019. For more information, please visit the website here. Contact: [email protected]


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